Friday, 28 November 2014

Different ways to concentrate while reading some text

Every student at one point or another faces the problem of not being able to do your coursework writing and concentrate. Subjects like mathematics, are easily tackled since there is writing in it, but geography or even history bore students and mostly they end up falling asleep instead of preparing for the test. The student fails the test and wishes he/she could have focused that day. Not only students, but also even the clerks and office-workers experience difficulties while concentrating on an office file.

Following are some tips by which students will find it easier to concentrate on their test preparation:
  • The first step is to make one comfortable, this allows the students to get lazy and do not get up and stop reading. Although try not to have too comfortable environment because then the student may fall asleep more easily. This helps a lot while preparing for a test.
  • We suggest students to wear comfortable clothes and have a silent or a soothing environment so the student can focus more on the task.
  • The second step is to try to make the text interesting to oneself. This adds to searching more about the topic under consideration. The new points and different perspectives about a topic make the test preparation more interesting. Like when reading history, go for some criticisms, the points pointed out in those criticisms become embedded in the student’s mind.
  • The third step is to pay attention to one’s own notes he/she made during the class, since it is their own writing and words it is automatically more reliable and interesting than anything.
  • To keep your focus on the text we suggest one to use a pen or a finger. It allows them to be more concentrated on the lines, this helps in not wasting any time in rereading the text.
  • Reading aloud helps in gaining one’s concentration and keeps the mind busy.
  • Through research it has been proved that reading something while chewing on a gum allows the mind to remember it while chewing the same flavored gum again. Some students have made it their habit of chewing gum, but since many teachers do not allow chewing gums in class we suggest you shift to toffees and candies, they help; we say this from experience.
  • The habit of concentrating more can also be increased if the student develops a reading habit, like reading novels, newspapers etc.
These simple steps allow one to keep the mind busy while studying and increase the concentration span.

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