Friday, 28 November 2014

Tips and Techniques for Writing a Professional Business Memo

Memos are usually referred to as a type of email messages that you use to communicate with your co-workers, other employees within different sections, or your bosses and heads of departments within a same company. There are however two types of memos; one being external memos and the other is known as internal memos. External memos are also used to communicate with company members, but the communication is with a different company, i.e. an external business entity. Writing memos is easy, however, like every other type of written communication, a bit of detail is necessary to include so as not to make the message vague or to avoid giving a foggy intent. Memos are usually used to convey details about work related tasks or upcoming events or even as reminders for some important work tasks. Other important things to note, is that unlike cover letters or other types of important business related communication activity, memos are informal in nature, but they need to maintain a bit of professionalism within them. That means inclusion of no cheesy or hilarious stuff that can’t be tolerated within a professional environment but not too much stiff and formal either. They should be written just like you are supposed to talk to your work colleagues paper writers who are not your late-night buddies but are just your co-workers.

Some important details you should include is the name of the person you are sending it to and your name underneath it, right at the top left of the memo. Adding a subject makes memos easier to understand, so add one right under your name and date of the memo. Without further ado, launch right into the problem and state the intent. There should be no stiff and formal greetings. Give an overview and explain the reason for the memo. If there are some issues that need to be explained in detail, explain them in second and third paragraphs. Explain also the solutions, if there are any, in the fourth paragraph and close the memo by detailing what needs to be done and the requested action. If the memo is about upcoming holidays and is about wishing co-workers a good vacation, the memo needs not to be so long. You can just detail the message in one paragraph. Afterwards, just sign the memo and send it. Congratulations! You have just learned how to write a perfectly professional business memo, whether it is electronic or
paper based.

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